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20540 E. Arrow Hwy., Suite O, Charter Oaks, CA 91724  |  Office Toll Free: (844) 325-1622  |  Phone: (626) 290-5623  |  Email: Tony@BaldEagleFinancial.com

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Welcome to Bald Eagle Financial LLC

Since 2008 we have helped homeowners keep their homes through a new loan restructure with their lenders. We have negotiated better terms than the ones offered by the lender because we represent you. We help you deliver for you where NACA and Keep Your Home California are unable. We are versed on the ALL NEW FNMA FLEX and all the in-house lender programs because we continue to get results. In addition, we can get fast approvals for HARP to re-finance the program. We can escalate negotiations through litigation. We keep you in your home until we have a good offer from your lender. 

Bald Eagle Financial LLC
Bald Eagle Financial LLC

Complimentary Mortgage Loan Review

Bald Eagle Financial LLC

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Bald Eagle Financial LLC

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Bald Eagle Financial LLC

Off-Market/Fix and Flip Properties

Bald Eagle Financial LLC

We have helped first-time home buyers, including small businesses/self-employed, with special purchase loan approval and guidance.

Bald Eagle Financial LLC

We assist short sale clients while providing financial follow-up guidance to get them back on track to get a new home in as little as two years.

Bald Eagle Financial LLC

We provide financial guidance to Real Estate investors to make a better decision on their cash flow goals through our network of affiliates.

Our Specialty

We have thousands of satisfied clients who have saved their homes through a better loan structure. Our state-of-the-art proprietary financial software is the key to get the payment you can afford. With our experience behind you, the possibility to negotiate a payment you can afford is significantly increased. We negotiate with major lenders like B of A, Wells Fargo, Ocwen, SPS, Credit Unions, and Private Lenders.

What We Do

The Bank is looking to secure its investor's assets which means the workout has to make financial sense. Our Proprietary Financial software allows us to determine the dollar amount and the payment a lender will most likely offer.
The full consultation and review of your case are FREE. In addition, we negotiate a payment structure that will benefit you. All documentation is reviewed based on current investor guidelines; furthermore, you will check all possible programs available to the investors.

Our Assurance

We guarantee your documentation will be delivered on time and will be followed up every week. You will be notified immediately of changes and updates. Our trained underwriters will be there to represent you every step of the way. We know you need to get back on track; our services accommodate your budget. Therefore, we will work with you to get a suitable representation.

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