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On behalf of everyone at Bald Eagle Financial, LLC "BEF", I want to begin by sending our best wishes to you and your family. This has been an incredibly challenging time for all, and I hope you are healthy and safe.

In these uncertain times, considering mortgage options makes a lot of sense. We also know that this Pandemic has impacted your financials for many and caused you to default on your mortgage payments. The Lender is already thinking about foreclosing your home or trying to get you into a repayment agreement that you cannot afford. The lender will give you options as Forbearance, which it's very beneficial for them but not for you, due to they will get all the default payments, interest, escrows, penalties, and legal expenses. The other option will be a new restructure, " Loan Modification," of your loan.

This option takes time, but 90% of the approved results are very beneficial for you, the Borrower, which the Lender will set a new loan term and your defaulted payments will be included on your new term or placed at the end of the loan, doing this your new mortgage payments will be lower or same as they were before you defaulted on your loan.

It is not mandatory by our Government for any bank to offer you a home loan modification even though Lenders in 2008 through 2015 receive TARP ("Troubled Assets Relief Program") stimulus money for every file or loan modification approved, and I think that will be the case also this time. Lenders offer home loan modifications to help slow foreclosures only to minimize their loss and to build goodwill.

Bald Eagle Financial LLC

Banks are there to help you keep your home and work with you if you qualify under their policies. You DO "NOT" NEED any third party to negotiate your home loan modification with your Lender. Unfortunately, the Lender' and investors' guidelines and documentation for a home loan modification are complex and tricky. You need the help of a professional to adjust your income ratios and financials for you to have better results. We constantly study the market and follow trends to serve you better and get you the results you deserve.

  • Limited Or No Experience in Real Estate Or Negotiations with Banks.
  • Do Not Know How to Balance Or Produce Their Financials To Get Qualify.
  • Do Not Know Their Lender(s) Loan Modification Criteria, HMA Guidelines.
  • Do Not Know How To Get Their Home Net Value Price, Their Loan To Value, and Where They Need To Be with their incomes To Qualify.
  • Do Not Know How To Proof Their Financial Hardships Coming From COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Do Not Know How To Produce Their Business P&L's To Proof Their Qualify Needed Gross Income.
  • Missing Proof Of Incomes, Contributions, Assumptions, Improper Fill Out Of Their RMA or Any Other
  • Documents.


  • Professionally Prepare Your Financials and Adjust Them To Your Lender's Requirements and Policies.
  • Complete Your RMA or 710 if Fannie Mae Or Freddie Mac.
  • Produce A Professional Hardship Letter.
  • Produce Your Monthly Profit & Losses "P&L. " 3 - 12 Months Only if You Own a Business.
  • Give you Lease Agreements Only if You Have Renters and Do Not Have Rental Agreements.
  • Produce Professional Contribution Letters, Including Assumption Forms.
  • We Will Give You All the Require Documents List That You Need To Process and Apply For Your Loan Modification. This List Must Be Completed As Soon All The Other Documents are Done.


***Do you have questions?*** ***We do have answers for you, completely free of charge.***

Please contact us for a complimentary mortgage loan review and see if this offer is right for you. When you call, you'll be connected with your Bald Eagle Financial home loan specialist, who will work with you to:

1) Review your existing mortgage and new monthly payments if approved.
2) Go over the benefits and other options based on your hardship.

Most people appreciate the value of one-on-one service. Your Bald Eagle Financial loan specialist will be your guide from review to approval. With a dedication to high quality and personal service, we will provide you with a better mortgage experience.

To learn more about your home loan modification or options, please give us a call at: (626) 290-5623 Or E-mail At: tony@baldeaglefinancial.com TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

At Bald Eagle Financial, LLC, we're committed to helping you enhance your financial situation in any way we can. We look forward to helping you like we've helped so many others.

Our network of attorneys is very well-versed in the lending laws and can best represent you in a Court of Law against your lender.

From 2000 to 2011, during the Real Estate Boom, 90% of the lenders committed several fraudulent procedures. As a result, causing severe financial stress to home buyers, millions of home losses further distressing our country, sending families into a homeless situation, and losing their home life's savings.

If your loan was funded before 2011, it is most likely it falls under some lender violations; these violations may be under TILA, HUMDA, RESPA, etc.
Our best source for these lending violations findings is a thorough Loan Audit and use it as leverage to get you the best terms for a new loan modification or to bring a monetary settlement for personal distress.

This expert Service Includes

The identification of the Trust Vehicles claiming ownership of your mortgage through the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC.)

  • Full Screenshots of the Identified Trust. Screenshots depict active trading data, loan modification data, remains, whether it has been sold, how many times, whether credit default swap insurance has been purchased, and by whom
  • A Full Chain of Title Analysis COTA
  • Full Robo-signer Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Analysis of the Assignments and Transfer
  • All publicly Recorded Documents
  • A copy of the Pooling & Servicing Agreement (PSA) and Prospectus Supplement
  • A Court Ready Expert Witness Affidavit attesting to the finding of fact This complete, 9 Point Audit Report is the most advanced Audit Report on Residential Mortgages in existence, and brought to you by the Founders of this Industry, Attorney Owned & operated, and A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau.

These items are submitted with your request for a loan structure for the highest leverage against the lender.

We file a suit against your lender to bring them to the negotiation table.

Thank you, BEF.

You helped us out of foreclosure and a $1885.00 Payment to a $1,300.00

Maria & Randy from Covina, CA

Thank you Tony, our loan payment with ASC was $3,111, and we were offered $2,142. We saved our home.

Tina in Los Angeles CA

Tell us about your situation, and it will help us determine your best option.

Bald Eagle Financial LLC.

We, Bald Eagle Financial, LLC, understand the minds of our investors, and for the same reason, we cut the chase and save precious time to our investors in locating investment properties that make financial sense. Everyone is here to make a dollar or two, and that's why we provide you Investment Property Deals With High Equity.

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