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Bald Eagle Financial, LLC

20540 E. Arrow Hwy., Suite O, Charter Oaks, CA 91724  |  Office Toll Free: (844) 325-1622  |  Phone: (626) 290-5623  |  Email: Tony@BaldEagleFinancial.com

About Us

Our Team

Bald Eagle Financial experience, training, and expertise comes from many backgrounds, including accounting, Personal Finance, Legal and Real Estate. We are always looking to improve services for our clients. We were trained with lenders such as Wells Fargo in the loss mitigation department during the great recession and have personally processed large quantities of homeowner files. After this experience, we were hired by the most significant homeowner advocacy Non-Profit group NACA BEF helps where the keep your home California program is unable. We can make a more significant contribution by working on a smaller scale, providing more personalized attention to each client.

BEF counts on its business development background because we are looking into the future. We will be helping homeowners with Financial, Legal, Insurance, and Real Estate services. We look forward to a paced growth with more services for homeowners, including education on finance, credit, and homeownership.

Our team also includes trained and experienced underwriters and customer service associates passionate about BEF's Goals.

Bald Eagle Financial

We are committed to providing the tools and support for successful homeownership.

Our Business

We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention.

We consistently bring prompt attention to each case. Filing is done on time and submitted on time. We strive for consistency, and our agents will handle each issue personally until its resolution and beyond. We keep it easy for our clients to perform and follow up with continuous counseling.

When we started, we saw a great need to educate and help homeowners. However, there is still a lot of work to do. For over ten years, we have continued to provide homeowner services and continue to do so as we look to grow and offer easy solutions to challenging situations.

Bald Eagle Financial LLC
Bald Eagle Financial LLC

Who We Are

Bald Eagle was Founded in the deep belief that having gone through the same challenges our clients have gone through allows us to see from the same perspective. We have experienced the need for information, and we have the right tools to make better decisions.

Our goal is to provide the best leverage for the most beneficial solution.